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Home Teeth Whitening
Has Never Been


Sit back, relax and SHINE! Whether at ease or on the go, PopShine Wireless Teeth Whitening Kit works wonders on your time — anytime!

Brighten your smile in only minutes a day with PopShine’s new wireless 32 bead LED light mouthpiece created by a highly accomplished Registered Dental Hygienist. At PopShine, we bring the dental office to your home while leaving the dental chair, time-consuming visits, and premium costs behind. Simply pop in PopShine — and achieve safe & professional teeth whitening treatment with the press of a button.

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Notice amazing effects of PopShine technology in only 7-10 days

Leave no sensitive tooth behind with PopShine zinger free whitening solution

Achieve professional teeth whitening at a fraction of the cost

PopShine is backed by over 20 years of professional practice in the dental field

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The Kit
Let's get your teeth Poppin & Shinin!
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Keep em Poppin!
Keep em Shinin!

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About the


PopShine was created by veteran dental hygiene expert, Kerri Rucker. With more than 20 years of experience in the dental field, Kerri has developed a one-of-a-kind, professional teeth whitening kit that is revolutionizing the way you brighten your smile...

Our Mission

To offer exceptional home teeth whitening technology at a competitive price for people to fall in love with their smile!

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Our Shining



"I am so excited about PopShine!! I have been in the dental field for 24 years and this product is hands down the BEST Teeth Whitening Kit! I have literally tried all of the different whitening products out there, from dental office products to over the counter ones. PopShine is the ONLY product that truly worked, and it didn’t cause any tooth sensitivity!! I’m so excited to recommend this user-friendly, FANTASTIC product to my patients, family and friends!!"

- Leslie M., RDH


"I am so thankful a friend told me about PopShine! This product is
OUTSTANDING! I have never whitened my teeth before and it was so easy and convenient AND my teeth are so white and bright!!! Instead of going to my dentist office to whiten my teeth, using PopShine saved me time and money. I really like that it was developed by a dental hygienist too, so you know it has to work! Thank you PopShine!!"

- Kelly S.


"I was so pleased with the results I got from PopShine. I have tried other whitening products in the past, but some gave me tooth sensitivity. This kit was so easy to use and it gave me absolutely no sensitivity! I could see my teeth getting whiter and brighter after 10 days. I received so many 
compliments from people that didn't even know I whitened my teeth. An SUPERB product, I highly recommend!"

- Darlene L.



PopShine believes in beautiful white smiles, but we also believe in the importance of providing oral healthcare to underserved children across America. A portion of each sale goes to America’s Toothfairy — the National Children’s Oral Health Foundation.

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